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Posted By Admin on 05/27/18 - Bookmark Natasha Belle

I hope you like the title of this blog post. It is, of course, a pun. Whenever it comes down to, sex it’s all about the in and out game. But the problem is, most guys focus on the actual act. They focus on getting their dicks into hot, tight pussies which is what is all about.

Now, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with that, but you have to approach it with the right mindset. You see, most guys are greedy. Most guys think that sex is all about their pleasures and what’s in it for them. This is the reason why most guys are unable to score pussy in the first place. And if they did, they are unable to please it.

If you want to attract more women in your life, you need to make the system work for you. You see, women talk. Women send-off vibes to each other. Women tend to travel in clusters, at least chicks who are looking for sex do.

So what do you do? Well, you make it your calling in life to be the very best lover you could be. So is this hard? Is this some sort of mystery? Is this very difficult that it requires years upon years of graduate level study? Absolutely not.

If you really want to please a woman, just get down on your knees, open her thighs and stick out your tongue, and get to work. I don’t care whether you’re playing Marvin Gaye in the background or Barry White, or even Vivaldi. Get down to business and make sure you enjoy it. That’s the secret.

A lot of guys actually eat pussy in the same way that they eat sashimi squid. I don’t know about you, but the last time I’ve seen sashimi squid, I did not exactly jump out of my seat in sexual excitement. It looks gross to many guys, and that’s exactly the sentiment many guys have when it comes to eating pussy.

Now, if you’re the type of guy who can get excited about eating pussy and just content yourself with not only eating pussy but chewing on the lips, making that clit grow and otherwise making that pussy quake, then you’re in on something. You’re onto the path to victory because most guys are greedy. All they care about is their pleasure. All they care about is eating the chick enough to get her ready for him to stick his dick in there.

If you’re the kind of guy who doesn’t care whether you stick your dick in there or not because all you care about is that chick is popping ooze all over your face over and over again, then not only would she be more receptive to you, not just today, but in the future, she will invite her friends. So keep this in mind and stop getting all bent out of shape with the mysteries of local women looking for sex. It’s actually simpler than you imagined.

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Posted By Admin on 05/18/18 - Bookmark Natasha Belle

American pornstar Brianna Ray is one girl that never fails to impress. She is pure class and yes she also happens to have one very fine looking ass. She has been around for many years now and in that time she has quite rightly become a very popular pornstar. To date she has starred in well over 20 adult movies and something tells me that her desire for sex is going to see many more added to that already wicked number.

Brianna is a girl that likes to clearly have fun, she doesn’t seem to take things too seriously but when it comes to sex you can bet that she is going to give it her everything. I was totally stocked to learn that you can view Brianna Ray porn on your phone, that wasn’t something that I was aware of but you can bet that I’ll be taking full advantage of it. Being able to enjoy her pornstar movies on the go is like a dream come true for me. If you’ve been wanting a hot milf with plenty of sex appeal you really don’t need to look any further, not when Brianna Ray is ready and willing to make you work for it!

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Posted By Admin on 05/03/18 - Bookmark Natasha Belle

The site is called I Know That Girl and supposedly it’s laden with amateurs that you might even recognise, except… bullshit.

The honeys on this site are clearly models. No genuine amateur site has a spread of chicks as fine as this. I have to admit though that I suspect the rumour of the claims that these are amateurs is nonsense to begin with. Perhaps the site initially set out to sport some hot amateurs but it clearly isn’t the case anymore.

It’s definitely for the better though since the site as it is right now is pure power.

I strongly recommend that you check out where you can scoop up awesome discounts not to this site only but the entire Mofos network. Technically, your membership purchase to the one site unlocks the entire network. It’s quite the bargain.

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